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Acting behind the microphone

requires a connection to the materiaL.


"Just like when I’m in front of the camera, acting behind the microphone requires a connection to the material. A good voice over is a conversation, it's an intimate experience between you and one other person. But sometimes the voice is internal like a dialogue we have with ourselves- in essence, it’s a conversation between you and you."

After finishing his MFA at New York University’s Graduate Acting program, Bill began his theatre career in New York-

which eventually led him to Los Angeles. Between LA and Vancouver, he spent the next 25 years acting in film and television. Some of his most notable roles being the feature films Miracle with Kurt Russell and I Spy opposite Owen Wilson and Eddie Murphy.   In addition to guest appearances on countless network television series, he also had recurring roles on Smallville, Intelligence and The Dead Zone.

I think it is my skill as an actor that helps me stand out.

Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 11.36.47

His start in voice-acting happened by accident when a friend needed someone to read a radio commercial. Though Bill had never seen a voice-over script, he did it- and to his surprise the read gained him instant favor with the producers. “I think it was my skill as an actor that allowed me to do it and caused me to stand out.”

He soon began a career voicing numerous national campaigns as well as narrating shows for Discovery, National Geographic and A&E.  He became the recognized voice of “Mr. Black” in Johnny Test, “Memnock” in Supernoobs, as well as “Burnt Oak” in the popular animation series My Little Pony.

every time you step in front of the microphone, try to be a little better then the last  

Bill and don copy.jpg

“I had the privilege of studying with the late Don LaFontaine,” Bill reflects,  “who said, ‘every time you step in front of the microphone, try to be a little better than the last.’ I’ve tried to live by those words, and I think that’s what’s kept me current in a sea of ever-changing voices. I think authenticity and an emotional connection to the material keeps people listening… at least that’s what keeps me listening.”

He can be heard from his own broadcast quality studio…recording around the world.

Bill can be heard from the Netherlands to New York - voicing campaigns, narrating stories, and bringing characters to life on a daily basis from his broadcast quality studio, equipped with ISDN and Source-Connect for real time recording around the world.

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